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A Garden Redesigned

When we moved here, nearly five years ago now, the garden was a somewhat daunting space: after years of semi-neglect, thickets of brambles and nettles rendered large areas inaccessible, vastly overgrown Leylandii cast long shadows over the main lawn and a crumbling, uneven crazy-paved terrace … Continue reading

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Pumpkins & Squash

The pumpkins and squash have finally been harvested from the vegetable garden. Perfect timing as I was keen to join in with the Nature in the Home series which has just restarted over at the lovely Littlegreenshed. The creamy Balmoral Squash … Continue reading

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Coming Around to Dahlias: Part 2

The dahlias that I potted up six months ago are now in full bloom in the garden, providing a welcome splash of colour as we head into autumn. Any flower that you’re encouraged to pick in order to prolong flowering … Continue reading

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