In Praise of Dog Walks

Gorse & Dew

Since getting our puppy in June we have thoroughly enjoyed (almost!) every phase that she has gone through: the sleepy cuddles of the early days were a fleeting joy, puppy socialisation classes were hugely entertaining and now we are venturing out on proper dog walks. Far from being a chore, it has been a real joy to have to get out and about every day and explore more of the beautiful countryside on our doorstep.

Wooden Barn & Weather Vane

Dew on Webs

From seeing the grass meadows turning to gold at the end of the summer, the purple heather gently fading and, more recently, admiring webs adorned with sparkling dew drops, our morning outings feel like a perfect opportunity to appreciate the subtle changes in the seasons as well as enjoy a few moments of peace before the day begins in earnest. It has also had the added bonus of enabling us to keep tabs on the berries ripening in the hedgerows which have been picked and put to good use in jellies which will see us through a winter of roast dinners.

Hedgerow Collage

I’ve been sharing more moments from my dog walks, as well images from my home, garden and travels over on my recently resurrected Instagram account – I’d love to see you over there.

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