Our New(ish) Garage

Oak Garage - Rear

It dawned on me recently that, after mentioning we were about to commence work on rebuilding the garage last year, I then spectacularly failed to share any photos with you of the end result.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but suffice to say, it’s a really beautifully crafted building that is starting to weather nicely and offers a load of storage potential for all our junk (and when we finally get around to organising said junk – as opposed to merely dumping it – it will be a marvellous space inside too).

Oak Garage - Front & Details

Garage - Side View with Light

For those who may be interested, my original post about the garage caught me in the throes of deciding on lighting for the building; in the end, we went with an Astro Montparnasse Wall Light in Bronze above the side door, and two Hunza Wall Down Lights in Bronze tucked discreetly above the garage doors which each cast a lovely glow come night fall.

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