Shortlist #12: Jugs

Ammi Majus in Jug

As I recently mentioned, one of my favourite pastimes during the summer months is picking a bunch of flowers for the house from the garden. With the exception of the sweet peas, which I tend to arrange as they are, I like the fact you can be endlessly creative with whatever happens to be blooming at the time.

I’m using all this floral bounty as an excuse to build up my collection of vases and jugs, as – like cushions – I feel as they’re one of those things that you can never really have enough of: or at least that’s my excuse. I’m currently into jugs in a big way as I like the fact that they are both multi-purpose and have a slightly more informal air about them. Here are some I’d happily add to my collection…

  1. Shortlist #12- JugsPlum & Ashby Ceramic Small Jug
  2. John Lewis Patterned Ceramic Jug
  3. Graham & Green Le Bain Jug
  4. Anthropologie Saga Creamer
  5. Nkuku Renu Jug
  6. Oka Glass Bubble Jug

Images: Source unknown (via Pinterest), Plum & Ashby, John Lewis, Graham & Green, Anthropologie, Nkuku, Oka

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