This Year’s Veg

Marshalls Seeds - New Varieties

A little while ago, Marshalls very kindly offered to send me some of their new vegetable seed varieties to try out in the garden this year; I confess to leaping at the chance as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get out of a seed-buying rut and try something a little different for a change.

Everything I’ve planted so far is growing well in the garden and – in the case of the Courgette Griller Mix – being harvested too. This variety produces unusual egg-shaped fruits in dark green, light green and yellow. The assorted colours make for a vibrant combination on the plate and, having eaten some at the weekend, I can confirm that they have a lovely firm texture and good taste.

Since planting out in the garden, the pumpkin and squash plants are romping away: a mass of delicate tendrils, curled yellow flowers and hairy leaves spilling over the edges of the raised beds.


Whilst I very much look forward to eating the squash (I’ve planted both Spaghetti and Sweetmax varieties), I am most excited about the Pumpkin Knucklehead: its warty, gnarled appearance means it’s going to make a brilliant lantern come Hallowe’en.

Marshalls - Tomato Corazon & Tomato Fenda

Having not had the best of luck with tomatoes in the past, I am keeping my fingers crossed that we have a chance to enjoy the Corazon and Fenda types that we’re growing as they both sound great. The Fenda variety is meant to be grown indoors, but, in the absence of a greenhouse, it’s having to take its chances outside. I’ll report back later in the summer (hopefully with photos of a delicious homegrown tomato salad).

Meanwhile, the Brokali Endeavour and Cabbage Sepantine are not going to be ready until next year as the broccoli has only recently been sown, and, having missed the boat for outdoor sowing of the cabbage in the spring, I’m going to sow in the autumn instead. I’m sure both will be worth the wait…

The seeds were kindly sent to me by Marshalls – all opinions are my own. 

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