Seville Orange Marmalade

1-DSC_0063Ta dah! Here is one of several jars of marmalade that I made last weekend after tagging along to a marmalade-making workshop with a couple of friends (I am becoming more grown-up and domesticated by the second). Given my only previous effort had resulted in blackened fruit and a ruined pan, I figured I needed all the help I could get.

We followed Mary Berry’s Seville Orange Marmalade recipe from her Aga Book which requires you to simmer the whole oranges in water for a couple of hours until they are soft and somewhat deflated, before scooping out the flesh, pith and pips from inside and shredding the skin. This was quite a revelation as my previous attempt had involved squeezing the fresh oranges before cutting up the skin which was a lot messier and more labour-intensive. In fact, this process was really quite therapeutic and the house was filled with the most amazing citrus scent which seemed to envelop me for about a day afterwards.

We are making short work of the first jar and have been enjoying its golden, bittersweet taste with toasted sourdough and salted butter every day this week: the perfect foil to the frosty mornings.

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