New Year & New Loo


Firstly, Happy New Year! I hope that your celebrations were fun and that 2015 has got off to a good start.

We had a very enjoyable, if hectic, time with family and friends but with the kids back at school we are slowly getting back into our normal routine which I have to say feels like a good thing: there are only so many mince pies and sherries a girl can take after all.

As mentioned in my last post, I have a few recent projects to share with you and I thought I’d start off with our newly redecorated downstairs loo. This wasn’t really a project I’d anticipated doing any time soon, however I’d picked up the wrought iron Queen Victoria balcony remnant at an antiques fair recently and thought it might look good on the wall in there. Coupled with the fact I had a few days to myself in the week before Christmas, I decided to get cracking on a cheap and cheerful makeover.

Downstairs Loo

Downstairs Loo

Whilst it might be more cheerful than before, it didn’t actually end up being quite as cheap as I’d envisaged. Within half an hour of starting, disaster struck when I propped up the Queen Victoria piece on the loo to see how it looked, only for it to slip and smash the cistern lid and the loo seat. The replacement was an eye-watering price on account of the loo being discontinued, but the people at HM James were super-helpful and I had the new lid within 24 hours: impressive stuff.

With the demolition phase behind me, this room then required nothing more than paint as we replaced the light, mirror and the splash back tiles some time ago: the only new addition (other than the vengeful Queen Vic) is the wooden blind at the window.

Whilst this might be the smallest room in the house, it was long overdue a little TLC. It’s also right by the front door (and usually on view given my kids’ penchant for leaving the door wide open) so it’s good to have said goodbye to shabbiness and hello to a fresh new look for the New Year.


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