Before & After: En Suite

Life has been getting in the way of blog posts lately, but it’s nice to be back to show you the fruits of some of my labours over the last few months.

As well as keeping an eye on the construction of the new garage, my painting clothes have been getting some wear as I have revamped not one, but two rooms in the house. Over the summer we embarked on a long-awaited master bedroom makeover which is now 99% complete with only some cupboard doors waiting to be trimmed and refitted. What is finally finished however is the master en suite which, despite its diminutive size, actually took longer than the bedroom on account of the relative complexity of the job (more of which below). In fact it took so long I was starting to get a bit fed up by the end if truth be told so it was with a happy heart that I downed brushes and moved our stuff back in.

A makeover post would obviously be no fun without some slightly dodgy ‘Before’ pictures that we took when buying the house, so here goes:

En Suite Before

En Suite Sink Before

It was a perfectly useable little space but was looking a bit tired and the blue/beige combo wasn’t really our thing. As per the other makeovers that I’ve shared here before, this is another tactical one: in other words we’ve tried to keep things relatively cheap as we have grander plans involving builders down the line and simply want to make the house more ‘us’ while we save up for the big stuff.

While painting the ceiling was challenging on account of the slopes, the biggest job by far was repainting the border tiles around the room. This involved masking off every other tile before applying undercoat and then a couple of top coats of oil eggshell which each took 16 hours to dry. There was a fair bit of touching up when the tape was removed as well. I then had to repeat the process for the alternate tiles (cue much sighing).

It may have taken a while to finish but we are very happy with the results: the colours are restful, toning in beautifully with the bedroom, and the blind seems to bounce light back into the room which, miraculously, makes it seem bigger than before.

En Suite - After

En Suite Sink - After

En Suite Details - After

I look forward to sharing the master bedroom with you soon, but in the mean time, here is a little sourcebook for the en suite:

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