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Rookery Barns

It was a while ago that I mentioned we were in the throes of trying to obtain planning permission for some alterations to the house and that our resident bats were causing a few hiccups along the way. Well, I am pleased to say that after having the ecological survey conducted and then drawing up a plan of action to mitigate any impact on the bats – a process which took a the best part of a year – we have finally got the green light from the council.

The work is too expensive and disruptive to do in one go so we’ve decided t0 phase it over the coming years; I’m therefore excited to report that Phase One (a.k.a. Rebuilding the Garage) starts next week. The damp, rotting, flat-roofed monstrosity with the broken door is finally going to be replaced by a beautiful oak framed building with a store room upstairs and a log store to the rear, not dissimilar to the one pictured above. Much of the detailing has already been finalised with the builders but I am in the process of hunting down some outdoor lights to go above the barn doors and side door (any excuse for a bit of interiors, or rather exteriors, shopping).

Here’s a few that have caught my eye:

Outdoor Lighting

  1. Nordlux Luxembourg Outdoor Copper Wall Light
  2. Davey LED Mastlight
  3. Garden Trading St. Ives Downlight
  4. Garden Trading St. Ives Ships Light
  5. Jim Lawrence Boathouse Wall Light
  6. Hunza Wall Down Light

Images: Rookery Barns, John Lewis, Davey Lighting, Garden Trading, Jim Lawrence, Moonlight Design

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