Cable & Cotton

Cable & Cotton

When decorating my son’s room last year I bought a set of Cable & Cotton string lights to hang behind the armchair where he likes to sit and read; a little finishing touch that he was thrilled with as they look great and add a bit of interest. Since then my daughter has dropped the occasional (unsubtle) hint about getting some of her own, so when Cable & Cotton got in touch recently and offered to send me some to review, I knew exactly which room they were destined for.

I chose some string lights and decided to get creative with the ‘Pick your own’ option which allows almost endless colour combinations, although should you find yourself stumped there are pre-selected options available too. My daughter’s room is decorated in shades of aqua with the odd hint of pink and white so I opted for shades in Pale Pink, Pure White, Moss Green and Ice Blue: the online design tool cleverly divvies up the colours according to the number of lights you’ve chosen so you get an idea of how the finished string could look.

Assembling the string lights is pretty straightforward as it’s simply a case of pushing the individual fairy lights into the shades: thankfully the balls – which are made from cotton thread and natural gum – are surprisingly robust and were easily pushed back into shape when the odd dent occurred. In fact, I think the hardest bit was deciding what order to put the colours in so there was a fair amount of chopping and changing but the lights were none the worse for wear at the end of it.

Cable & Cotton - Assembly

Hung from a clear hook behind my daughter’s armchair they give off a gentle glow and cast twinkly shadows at night: another lovely finishing touch and hopefully an end to the heavy hints… for the time being anyway.

Cable & Cotton - Assembled

These lights were kindly sent to me by Cable & Cotton – all opinions are my own.

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