Planning Flower Beds

Crocus - Soft Summer Border

Now that the weather is – for the most part – becoming more spring-like, I’ve seized the opportunity to make a start on some changes to the flower beds in the vegetable garden. It’s been about two years since the beds were first planted up with perennials and I’m starting to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t, as well as the little jobs that need doing to keep things looking their best: inevitably some plants have thrived and now need dividing, whilst others need moving because they’re not being shown to their best advantage, and then there are the gaps that need filling (which will give me a great excuse to get some new plants).

Inspired by the ‘Soft Summer’ border plan on the Crocus website (shown above), I’ve come up with my own design for the two borders that lie either side of the potting shed. The yellows I’m using are a little more vivid as I’m making use of the Solidago ‘Goldenmosa’ and Lysimachia punctata that are already growing happily there, but having moved the rhubarb plants that were growing alongside, I now have room to introduce some blues (by way of nepetas and geraniums) and to add shots of burnt orange and plum with the likes of crocosmia, alliums, heleniums and the beautiful Digitalis parviflora.

Garden Border PlanClick image to enlarge

Taking the time to plan things for a change has been both fun and interesting and hopefully the time spent looking into eventual sizes, growing requirements etc. will pay off. No doubt some tweaks will be made here and there, however I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the end result will be as good in reality as it currently is in my mind’s eye!

Watch this space…

Image: Crocus (top)

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