The Kitchen Makeover (a belated update)

Kitchen Makeover - Before

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might remember my announcement back in October 2012 that I was in the throes of redecorating our kitchen.

Now, given I don’t like to rush a project (!) and thanks to a host of other distractions, I’ll confess to the fact that things kind of stalled after the walls and ceiling were painted. As I’ve resolved to get creative this year, I thought it was high time I picked up where I left off, donned my painting clothes again and got cracking, which essentially meant sorting out the tiles and freshening up the cupboards.

As I enter week three of this latest phase, you’d think I’d be getting a little fed up: however a combination of lousy weather outside and the delights of Radio 4 means I’m actually quite enjoying myself and am revelling in the excuse not to leave the house. I’ve done the tiles and am now mid-way through painting the cupboards. As you might expect, this is a laborious task given they need cleaning, sanding and priming before the top coats (all three of them!) are applied. The end is, however, in sight, and with the new cupboard knobs due to arrive next week I am getting really excited about seeing the finished room and sharing it with you here. In the mean time, here’s a few ‘before’ photos to give you a sense of what I had to contend with…

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