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Ode to the Ash - sofa.comSaturday loveseat in Ode to the Ash

Since 2011, have been collaborating with some of the best and most exciting British designers to create exclusive fabric ranges for the company: an initiative called Design Lab. Having previously joined forces with St Jude’s and Thornback & Peel, the latest collection has been created by Dorset-based artist and printmaker, Cameron Short.

Drawing inspiration from the English countryside and rural folklore, the range comprises three fabric designs which were originally block-printed by hand on Cameron’s 1904 proofing press, before being digitally printed in Lancashire.

Treasure Tree

Margot loveseat in Treasure Tree

The collection is whimsical and enchanting with each fabric offering far more than first meets the eye: details reveal themselves to you on closer inspection, giving hints to the narrative behind each design.

As Cameron explains, “Ode to the Ash tells the story of this ancient, native tree. The ash stands at a crossroads, surrounded by figures from times passed: a herdsman carrying an ash stick to keep the Evil Eye away from his stock; a country girl who, hoping to meet her true love, keeps an ‘even ash’ leaf in her glove; a woodsman, kneeling reverently beneath the great tree.”

Ode to the Ash - Detail
Ode to the Ash

Treasure Tree - Detail

Treasure Tree

Treasure Tree is similarly intricate: as you look beyond the mass of oak leaves, ivy and branches you’ll spot not only a magpie with a ring in its beak, but also an array of trinkets, – including a Fabergé egg – that have caught its beady eye.

The bold Varx print, so named because of the pronunciation of ‘fox’ native to the far south-west of England, features a defiant fox partially obscured by foxgloves and the floating feathers from his latest meal.

Varx -

Iggy armchair in Varx

Varx - Detail


I really love the rustic, folksy feel to these prints, they have such an honest quality to them and make stunning and very inviting armchairs: perfect spots for snuggling down with a mug of tea and a good book if you ask me.


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