8-IMG_1835Things are finally getting festive around here; the tree went up last weekend and since then I’ve slowly been adding decorative touches here and there around the house.

I’m especially proud of my display of hyacinths on the cupboard in the kitchen which was very cheap to do and looks really pretty. I already had the birch basket so simply bought a couple of pots of bulbs and hid their plasticky shame with some moss (our lawn provides a plentiful supply!) and ivy which I coiled around the edge. Lichen covered twigs, snipped from our pear tree, add a bit of height.

It’s an idea shamelessly copied from Spriggs Florist in Petworth where we bought a very similar little arrangement to take to a dinner party a couple of weeks ago. I’ll confess to being slightly loath to part with it when we arrived at our friends’ house so I promised myself I’d have a go at making my own.

Unsurprisingly, given the warmth of our kitchen, the bulbs are already flowering, filling the room with their glorious scent and making me smile every time I walk in.




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