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Christmas Decorationss

Apologies for the short absence from the blog: my friend and I decided to take our little online shop on the road last weekend and have a stall at our kids’ Christmas fair to showcase our wares. As a result, the last few weeks have been all about panicking that we didn’t have enough stock (or that said stock wouldn’t arrive in time), various dry runs on the styling, foraging for ivy and branches, the writing of many-a-price ticket, and so on.

It has been a massive learning curve for us both but the stall seemed to go down well and it’s given us plenty of food for thought as to where to take things next.

In the meantime, Christmas seems to have snuck up on me somewhat and I’m well aware the blog isn’t exactly feeling festive yet. To kick things off I’ve compiled a little shortlist of gorgeous decorations to share with you; I don’t subscribe to the idea of completely changing the colour scheme of my tree year on year (it’s just too expensive), but I do like to treat myself to a couple of new decorations to add to all our old favourites and would happily find a home for any of these.

  1. Zinc Oakleaf Trio Decoration – Rowen & Wren
  2. Large Hand Made Paper Star – Toast
  3. Three Tea Light Houses – Cox & Cox
  4. Natural Feather Patridge Clip – Graham & Green
  5. French Script Rag Ball Ornaments – Cloth & Patina
  6. Timepiece Bauble – Anthropologie

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