Pumpkins & Squash

Nature in the Home - Squash & Berries

The pumpkins and squash have finally been harvested from the vegetable garden. Perfect timing as I was keen to join in with the Nature in the Home series which has just restarted over at the lovely Littlegreenshed.

The creamy Balmoral Squash have made a lovely display piled up in a basket with Guelder rose branches and rosehips. They sit pride of place in on the kitchen table: our little tribute to autumn.

It’s unlikely these are going to get eaten unfortunately as the ones we have tried are disappointingly bland, but at least they can earn their keep by looking pretty.

As for the pumpkins, they won’t make it to our plates either as they were transformed into a cat and a bat for yesterday’s Hallowe’en party at my children’s school. Scary eh?

Pumpkin Cat & Bat

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