Decorator’s Notebook Shop

Decorator's Notebook - Wooden Bowl & Terracotta Mug

Of all the excuses for being late for school, I expect that “Mummy was drooling over home accessories” is fairly low down on the list of acceptable ones. Thankfully I’ve managed to spare my kids such shame (so far), but it was touch and go yesterday morning as I found myself somewhat captivated by the newly launched Decorator’s Notebook Shop.

Decorator's Notebook - Cushion & Blanket

Decorator's Notenook - Reclaimed Wooden Tray & Slate Tags

In a world full of homogenous, mass-produced items, this collection is beautifully curated and refreshingly authentic thanks to its focus on natural materials, timeless design and skilled craftsmanship.

What is more, each piece has its own story: for example the rustic terracotta tableware is made by a fair trade initiative in India, beeswax candles are crafted by a charitable trust in Yorkshire, and the woven cushion is inspired by the landscapes of Ireland. There’s something about knowing the provenance of things that makes them that little bit special, don’t you think?

This is pared back living at its best; the same cannot be said for my Decorator’s Notebook wishlist however…

Images: Decorator’s Notebook Shop


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