A moment in the garden


My favourite time of day right now is the early evening. After tucking the kids into bed I usually have some time before my husband arrives home, so I wander down to the vegetable garden to enjoy it by the fading sunlight.

I always think that the formal layout lends it a vaguely monastic air, especially with the sense of stillness and peace at sunset, and I find I can easily be down there for an hour: watering, weeding, harvesting and pottering about.

But the best thing of all is to stop for a minute and drink in the sights, sounds and smells. From the bees bouncing on the lavender stalks, to the wood pigeons cooing to each other in the trees, or catching the delicious scent of sweet peas on the breeze, it’s my perfect way to end the day.

Do you have a special time in your day that you savour?


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