A peek at the garden

Cane Toppers

This year I remembered to stake my plants early having learned the hard way last summer when I had to battle through flowers and foliage to the back of the border to stop my top heavy delphiniums from snapping in the wind. I’ve also treated myself to some of these sweet little terracotta flowerpot cane toppers from Harrod Horticultural; they add a certain rustic charm to the flower beds and certainly do the trick in terms of keeping canes and eyes well away from each other.

Garden - June

Elsewhere in the garden, despite things not having received an awful lot of TLC of late, all is relatively well; the ethereal Nigella damascena and considerably more showy Primula vialli are in full bloom, whilst the Lamb’s Ears (Stachys byzantina) are sending up spires of their silvery, wonderfully furry, leaves which are adorned with tiny purple flowers. Despite a slow start, pods are starting to appear on the broad beans too; the biggest of which should be ready to pick in a week or so whilst they’re still tender and sweet.

Image: Harrod Horticultural (top right)

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