A spot of geocaching


After last week’s campfire, my son has really got into the idea of ticking off the National Trust’s 50 things and has been looking for more he’d like to try soon. One activity he had yet to experience was geocaching (we agreed accidentally discovering one once didn’t really count) so we duly ventured out to find one near us at the weekend.

The walk was one we hadn’t done before and was really quite lovely as it took us across a meadow of buttercups and forget-me-nots, past a secluded pond in the woods, before reaching the Downs Link. We felt a little dispirited when the clue given alongside the cache’s coordinates described it as being in an oak tree, as the footpath was lined with them, however soon enough we came upon a tree with a particularly gnarled base which warranted further investigation. A quick rummage revealed the cache (a film canister) which was tucked in a crevice and hidden by sticks; inside was a tiny log book for my son to add his name to.

The kids were thrilled as you might expect. Unsurprisingly really, as, in my experience, children are more likely to enjoy a walk and not whinge if that walk has a point. Whether it be a picnic at the end of it, spotting wildlife, or seeing who can be first to fill an ice cream tub with blackberries, a sense of purpose really helps them get the most out of such adventures. In this case, a simple walk was transformed into a treasure hunt thanks to a little app installed on my husband’s phone.


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