A Swedish House

Scrolling back through my recent posts, I’ve realised they’ve had quite an ‘outdoor’ theme to them. Little wonder really given the weather has finally bucked its ideas up and we’re enjoying every minute of it.

In a bid to ring the changes though, I wonder if you fancy a little tour around a beautiful Swedish home, owned by Anna Truelsen? Anna is an interiors stylist and decorator who, luckily for us, shares her inspirations, work and her home on her blog, My Lovely Things.


The hallway sets the tone for the rest of the house with its white walls, abundance of wood panelling and vintage accessories.

DSC_0619 (1)

There is much to love about this island unit; the dark grey colour, the reclaimed lights above, the hooks to hang lovely baskets on. I could go on…


DSC_8653 copy

Can’t you just imagine kicking back in this dining area surrounded by friends and family? It looks like the kind of table that’s seen many a feast in its time.




The white walls and pale floors make the most of the beautiful natural light, whilst Anna has added definition with the accents of black and grey, and a rustic feel with natural materials like wood and wicker. The overall effect is one of a hugely relaxed house that I can imagine being both light and airy in the summer months, and welcoming and cosy come winter.

There is something wonderfully simple about Scandinavian country-style don’t you think?

Images: Anna Truelsen via My Lovely Things

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