A Garden Design


We’ve been all about the garden here recently; mulching hedges and beds, planting trees, sowing seeds and making plans for our next project.

Deer are becoming more frequent visitors to the garden; in fact I shooed one away early yesterday morning, but undeterred he returned with his friend in the evening. They are developing a taste for our espaliered fruit trees and new hedges so we’re probably going to have to put up a deer fence at the end to keep them out as they have the potential to cause considerable damage. It’s a shame as they’re beautiful creatures, plus I’ll miss the amusement of watching my husband legging it down the garden to chase them out. We also plan to level a soil mound left over from our last project to enable us to create a woodland area and composting bins under the huge oak tree at the far end.

The kids have been mucking in a bit too, and clearly have some thoughts of their own as to what they’d like to see as my daughter came up with this very sweet design for us last night. She is obsessed with tadpoles at the moment (hence the pond) and is obviously dropping a few hints about creating some kind of pets corner. We’ll have to give those some thought, but I can definitely help where flowers, carrots and apples are concerned.

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