Little Rowen & Little Wren

Marli Magnetic Play Clock

Since launching in 2011, Rowen & Wren has become synonymous with timeless, yet modern, pieces for the home. My wishlist from their collection has become as long as my arm, and just got a little longer (the list, not the arm that is) thanks to the launch of their children’s range: Little Rowen & Little Wren.

Little Rown & Little Wren

Staying true to their aesthetics, the new range is pared back, quirky and playful. My favourites have to be the Baa Baa Bookshelf and the Marli Magnetic Play Clock, mainly because I can imagine my kids being over the moon if they had either of these, but also because I could well see these becoming future classics.

What has caught your eye from the range?

Images: Rowen & Wren


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