Coming Around to Dahlias

Dahlia collage

When we were first planning our cut flower beds in late 2011, I recoiled in horror at the suggestion that I might want to grow dahlias. For me, they smacked of competitive growers and gaudy planting schemes, and I just didn’t think that was for me.

Whilst it’s true that many dahlias are unapologetically bright or fancily shaped, it was our visit to Sarah Raven’s garden last September that made me think I might actually be missing out by turning my nose up at them. The variety of colours and shapes were far more extensive than I’d realised, plus, any plant that promises months and months of blooms to pick for your house has got to be worth consideration, right?

I got the push I needed last week as Crocus currently have dahlia tubers on sale, many at half price. Inspired by the carefully curated colour palettes at Perch Hill, I’ve put together my own cream and coral collection (shown above), which includes:

They’ve been potted up indoors for now, but once the risk of frost has passed, I am going to plant them out alongside my allium bulbs to provide a succession of colour into summer.

Images: Crocus

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