A Year On…

balloon collage

So I’ve been blogging for a year now; this feels like quite a feat when I think about it as when I started I wasn’t sure if I’d have much to say, or if anyone would be interested. But it turns out that 12 months on, there are actual, real people (not even related to me), who stop by on a fairly regular basis and seem to like what I talk about on here. Amazing.

It’s been a hugely enjoyable experience so far and I definitely feel it has added a creative strand to my life, which was one of my reasons for starting in the first place. However it’s been connecting with other like-minded people via the comments or tweets I’ve received, the ‘Blogging Your Way‘ e-course and the recent ‘Meet the Blogger London‘ event that have been the cherry on the cake for me. Thank you all.

I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading The Cupboard over the next year as well – if there is anything you’d like to read more of, see less of, etc. then do let me know!

Images: via Pinterest, Jana WilliamsJeffrey & Julia Woods Photography

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