Embroidered Stamp Pictures

I bought these two embroidered stamp pictures by Eleri Stacpoole from Yellowstone Art Boutique last summer and have been pondering where best to display them ever since as the detailing on them is incredibly intricate and needs to be seen close up to be appreciated.

A poor track record means I’m always nervous about hanging pictures as I’m convinced I’m going to pick the wrong spot or get my measurements muddled, resulting in freshly decorated walls that are peppered with holes. Mulling things over ad infinitum tends to be more my style these days.

Anyway, I had my epiphany when bathing the kids last night (for reasons I cannot fathom) and knew that they would look just perfect above our new armchair in the kitchen/dining room. I’ll show you more of the room when the makeover is complete (curtains are being chosen so progress is definitely being made!) but couldn’t resist sharing these little details with you in the mean time.

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