I am seriously coveting this bench as an answer to my paperwork storage conundrum.

Our files are currently arranged (albeit tidily) on the floor of the study for want of somewhere to put them. In itself this isn’t really a problem, however as the study doubles as the thoroughfare to the kitchen, it means they are seen by pretty much everyone who comes into the house, which isn’t ideal.

I’m after a versatile piece of furniture as we already have a desk and a cupboard in the room so I thought a storage bench would work brilliantly as it would be less imposing and would also offer some additional seating. The downside of this one (there had to be one, right?) is that it costs over £1,000, eye-watering to say the least.

Given the shop is question doesn’t appear to be big on bartering, I’m trying to think creatively as to how to get the look at a fraction of the price. I’m therefore loving this idea, discovered on the Mabel & Rose blog, using crates on castors tucked beneath an antique church pew; perfect for my needs and also great for all those hats and gloves.


Images: The Cupboard, Mabel & Rose,

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