Before & After: A Girl’s Room

‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos of properties, both inside and out are always hugely inspiring; whether you’re embarking on a renovation project or even house-hunting, don’t let an ugly ducking put you off as it’s incredible what a little paint, good lighting and a dose of imagination can achieve (or in the case of the amazing houses on this company’s website, a generous budget and a complete facelift).

I received a lovely comment following my post on Monday from Decorator’s Notebook who mentioned that she would be keen to see more of my projects around the house and in the garden.

The truth is, when I started this blog I thought room makeovers and garden developments would form the bulk of my posts, which has turned out not to be the case. You see, what I failed to appreciate was how long all of these take me to (a) start, (b) actually finish, and (c) in the case of the garden, grow.

The only room that could be classed as being finished so far is my daughter’s room which I’ve admittedly shared with you before. I’ve realised that I missed a trick however, as I didn’t show you the ‘before’ photos which we took prior to us buying the house, or go into any detail as to what was involved. So read on for more…


It was red, it was gloomy and it had seen better days. It also ended up being a bigger project than we’d first anticipated as we decided that a sink + small child who likes making toys swim = a potential flooding incident, so the wardrobe/vanity unit was duly ripped out along with the shelving next to it. This left the walls in a sorry state so we had to strip multiple layers of lining and wallpaper before re-plastering and painting. We also took the opportunity to install some halogen downlights in addition to the existing central pendant, as this gave a very depressing light on its own.


And finally, this is what the end result looks like. As mentioned in another previous post, we were trying to strike a balance between ‘girly’ and pink over-load. If you think it looks weirdly neat then it’s partly due to the quick tidy up that I (obviously!) did before taking photos, but also because we’ve got some nice storage boxes dotted around the room, as well as a pull-out drawer under the bed, and space in the wardrobe which makes keeping toys and books in order relatively easy.



Obviously rooms continue to evolve even when they’re ostensibly finished, so what’s next? Well, having done an amazing job on the little chair beside the bed, my talented Mum is now going to re-paint my desk from childhood, so there will be somewhere for colouring-in and being creative. I’d also quite like to get something like an old printer’s tray or the ‘Dorm Shelf’ from Ferm Living to mount on the wall so that my daughter can display her latest treasures.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, then you’ll be pleased to hear that the kitchen is currently work in progress; the walls and ceiling have been painted and I’m hoping to have the splashback re-tiled and update the cupboards with a coat of paint and new knobs soon.

I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you when I’m done, whenever that may be!

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