Sticky Gingerbread


I’m just back from the Post Office where I was sending off the last of our Christmas cards and presents. The poor man behind the counter looks as though he’s stuck there until the next collection as the door to his kiosk is barricaded with parcels (which I only made worse). I’m hoping there are no Health & Safety officials in the vicinity as I imagine they would have a field-day.

Now I’ve ticked that off my list, I’m really looking forward to getting on with present wrapping and some cooking in the kitchen this week while the kids argue incessantly play delightfully around me.

I’m particularly looking forward to making a tray of Nigella’s ‘Sticky Gingerbread’; dark, dense and gently spiced, it is as good with a cup of tea as it is warmed and served with ice cream as a festive dessert. You can make it ahead too, and even freeze it, which massively helpful. If you haven’t tried this before I highly recommend it.

The only word of warning is that, despite carefully following the recipe, the flour always seems to form lumps in the batter. It seems that I am not alone in experiencing this though and I always end up getting a whisk out to blend them in as much as possible. It’s a bit annoying but it definitely doesn’t detract from this gorgeous cake.

Images: Lis ParsonsPoires au Chocolat via my Pinterest boards

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