DIY Advent Calendar

Firstly, apologies for the slightly dark photos; a combination of being vaguely clueless and the camera having a mind of its own means they are not all they could be.

*hangs head in shame*

More importantly though, look at what I made!

I thought I’d surprise my husband with an advent calendar of his own this year. A couple of hours work (most of which involved repositioning the bags when I realised I’d miscalculated the rows in the first instance) and this is the end result. Using the mirror as a backdrop looks really effective, especially with the fairy lights draped over, and it will definitely brighten up our study area over the next few weeks.

Overall it was easy to make, plus I had most of the things to hand already. In fact, apart from the goodies inside the bags, the only thing I had to buy in was the kraft bags.

This is what I used:

If you’ve been inspired to make your own advent calendar as well, then here are some more ideas.

Images: via Donkey & The CarrotSteve Giralt via Real SimpleCasa TrendMorning Creativity Peppermint Pinwheels

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