A little something (else) for the weekend…

Following on from my recent post about a simple idea for seasonal flowers, here’s a super-easy one for making your own gift tags or decorations, discovered via the very talented Sania Pell. It’s been doing the blog-rounds for a while now, but this is my first Christmas of blogging and I really wanted to share it with you anyway (so I hope you’ll bear with me).

These can be made using air-dry clay (e.g. Das) which is easy to get hold of in craft departments or online. All you need apart from that is:

  • A rolling pin
  • Board for rolling
  • A knife or biscuit cutter
  • Something to create an imprint or design – stamps, lace, doilies leaves, flowers all work well
  • A skewer or embossing tool (for creating a hole for threading)
  • Fine sandpaper or an emery board (to take off any rough edges once dried)
  • Twine or ribbon (ensure the hole is big enough to accommodate whatever you’re using)

Making them is fairly self-explanatory, but if you want step-by-step instructions then you can find them here.

I made them as gift tags last year so can vouch for the fact that they are literally child’s play, although if you don’t have time then try Marley & Lockyer or Roonie Co. on Etsy for some lovely ready-made versions.

Images: Sania Pellmumsbusiness.com.auMarley & LockyerRoonie Co.Artmind via Poppytalk

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