A Vintage Garden

Whilst hunting for galvanised dolly tubs to plant my tulip bulbs in for next year, I came across Mabel & Rose, a gorgeous online shop dedicated to vintage garden accessories.

I really love the idea of having some aged tools and pots in the garden to add some character, and as a way of recycling. My next door neighbour has a collection of antique garden tools arranged in an old clay chimney pot to add a focal point in one area of her garden; it looks brilliant and is an idea I might ‘borrow’ myself at some point.

The ever-changing collection at Mabel & Rose includes vintage apple crates, trugs and baskets, tools, pots, planters and watering cans, as well as a selection of handcrafted items. A perfect way of adding a little rustic charm to your outside space.

Images: Mabel & Rose

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