Stuffed Marrows

Strictly speaking, I’m not sure that these are actually marrows. They’ve left their youthful courgette days behind them, but are not yet as unwieldy as the beasts that are still growing outside. Whatever they are (answers on a postcard as to how to tell please!), this recipe from Angela Hartnett, that combines chorizo, red peppers and feta, more than perks up this much-maligned vegetable.

We ate them with a few boiled potatoes that I had rescued from the onset of blight out in the garden, and a green salad. I can see this filling becoming a regular in the kitchen as it would work brilliantly with pumpkin or squash as well.

One word of warning though, despite pre-baking the marrow halves for far longer than the five minutes recommended, the skin remained impenetrable to all available cutlery and was therefore inedible. Not the end of the world, but it made for a lighter meal as a result.

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