A Glut

I should have known better than to disregard advice from Joy Larkcom, the grande dame of vegetable gardening. In her book ‘Grow your own Vegetables’ she writes: “Courgettes are naturally prolific: well-grown plants can produce twenty courgettes, so three or four plants are sufficient for most households.” I planted eight, six of which are now like triffids, sprouting another fruit every time I turn my back. What is more, my kids have now decided they’re not that keen on them, so that leaves me and my husband with a LOT of courgettes to eat. I have made a ‘note to self’ to go easy on the planting next year.

In a bid to use them up, I have been hunting through my recipe books and online for ideas, some of which I’ve tried and loved, and others that I intend to make soon:

And for when there is the inevitable marrow to deal with, who better to turn to than Nigel Slater, who conjures up several delectable sounding dishes here.

If you have any courgette recipes that you’d like to share then they’d be gratefully received!

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