Shortlist # 6 – Jam & Chutney Labels

Last year’s foray into the world of jam-making wasn’t entirely a success for me. Giddy with the excitement of moving to the countryside, I felt it was my duty to get preserving. Whilst my strawberry jam tasted nice enough, especially as I’d added some vanilla seeds, I’d missed the setting point by a mile and produced something more akin to vulcanised rubber than jam. Suffice to say, I don’t think the W.I. will want me on board any time soon.

Unencumbered by the need for such precision, the chutneys that I made did turn out well thankfully, and I plan to make more in the next month or so; possibly some piccalilli too once we begin to harvest our runner beans in earnest.

As I usually end up giving such creations away as gifts (although not the jam, I hasten to add!), I’m always on the look out for interesting ways to package and label these. There are some talented people out there who have very generously created gorgeous labels that are free to download. Here’s a round-up of some that have caught my eye:

  1. Maggie Makes
  2. Paper Crave via Cottage Industrialist
  3. Eat Drink Chic
  4. Funkytime
  5. Domestifluff
  6. Better Homes & Gardens

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