Le Parfait Jars

Like many of the home accessories that we now prize for their looks, Le Parfait jars can trace their origins back to more functional and practical beginnings.

The French company, which was founded in Reims back in the 1930s, introduced the range of glass jars as canning food as a means of preserving was gaining popularity.

Over 80 years on, the design is relatively unchanged. The chunky glass, distinctive orange seals and pressed logo makes them instantly recognisable, with many an imitator on the market.

Their use has gone beyond mere preserving now, with many people using them in the kitchen as simple but stylish storage jars. Or in the case of the image above, lined up in the seriously beautiful walk-in pantry.

Whilst I make do with a more modest cupboard, I am slowly building up a collection of the jars for storage and discovered on our recent holiday to France that the local supermarkets and hardware stores were a rich hunting ground. I stocked up on multi-packs of the classic Le Parfait jars as they were so much cheaper than at home. I also couldn’t resist a couple of packs of jam jars with their quirky ‘home-made’ lids.

As the number of jars grows, I thought I’d treat myself to a chalk marker pen to label them and avoid any mix-ups with the contents. These pens are easy to use and simply wipe off when you want to reuse the jar for something else.

Images: Design Sponge, Le Parfait

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