Shortlist # 5 – Metallics

Unsurprisingly, the UK is gripped by Olympics-fever at the moment. After Danny Boyle’s incredible opening ceremony, Team GB are slowly climbing the medals table thanks to some amazing performances by our athletes and the enthusiastic support of the spectators.

With the Paralympics following hot on the heels of these games, most people are grateful to for the chance to spin out this wonderful atmosphere for even longer.

In celebration of this, I’ve channelled my inner magpie and have a round-up of some of my favourite metallic home accessories to share with you. Whether you have your sights set on gold, or if silver or bronze are more your thing, there should be something to catch your eye here.

  1. Vintage Berry Serving Spoons 
  2. Glass ‘Sandwich Frames’ 
  3. Steele Cushion
  4. Gold Gilded Heart
  5. Bronze Metal Tassel Glass
  6. Lustre Vases
  7. Lace Market Round Knob
  8. Frosted Candlesticks

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