Some thoughts about blogging…

Over the last month I’ve been taking the online Blogging Your Way 2.0 (BYW) course run by the inspirational Holly Becker, and some equally talented co-teachers.

Being a relative newcomer to the blogging world (especially when it comes to authoring), I’ll freely admit to feeling a little daunted by the prospect of blog-writing pros reading my posts, having only shared them with a handful of lovely-but-biased friends and family before that.

Unsurprisingly, the course has been a huge learning curve. More importantly, it has reaffirmed my desire to continue writing, as I’ve realised how much I get out of it on a personal level. Finding an outlet for my fascination with decor and design has added a welcome creative strand to my life.

BYW has been a treasure trove of information, however the highlight for me has been reading the comments from bloggers who have discovered The Cupboard via the course. To read encouraging words from other people with similar aspirations and interests is invaluable, not to mention flattering.

If I was to take only one lesson away from the course (and trust me, it is hard to pick just one) it would be the importance of overcoming any natural shyness and endeavouring to engage with readers of my blog and the authors of others; I need to become part of an online community. It is by doing this that I am going to remain motivated and able to enrich my blog over time.

With this in mind, I am now very much looking forward to seeing where writing The Cupboard will take me, and to meeting many inspirational people along the way.

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