A Girl’s Room – Update

The redecoration of my daughter’s room is almost finished now so I thought I would share the end result; she is really thrilled with it, as am I. I really love the colour of the walls and how it changes throughout the day. It almost looks white in bright sunshine, but even in the fading light at the end of the day, it looks soft, not cold.

The only task that remains is to choose a carpet. It may seem sacrilegious to cover up such lovely exposed boards, but we have a noise issue in this house on account of the living room ceiling below having exposed beams and there being no void between the two. Practicality must win the day on this occasion.

Given I’m never knowingly without a project (or two) in hand, I’m turning my thoughts to my son’s room next as it currently bears the battle scars from the previous owners’ adventures with a power drill and a tin of dark blue paint. Not pretty.

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