Spring has sprung

Pear Blossom

Crimson-flowered Broad Bean

Cambridge Late Favourite Strawberry

The pear blossom, crimson-flowered broad beans and young strawberry crowns are persevering despite the relentless wind, rain and hail this week. When the sun does make a brief appearance all looks lush in the vegetable garden, with raindrops glittering on leaves and the soil looking rich and dark.

I spent a busy day sowing seeds earlier this week and now have spring onions, carrots, courgettes, runner beans, French beans, marigolds, basil, parsley, lettuce and summer savory all under strict instructions to get germinating.

Frustratingly, the beetroot that I planted about three weeks ago seems to have ignored such demands, as only a meagre number of seeds have sprouted. The garlic chives and oregano have been an even more epic failure with nothing to show so far. Oh and some of the rhubarb leaves have turned red and withered.

Thankfully, I am undeterred as I had steeled myself for some disappointments. Plus, I rather like being in the shed.

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