Hazel Wigwams

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself this week as I’ve become the proud owner of a selection of wonderfully rustic hazel poles for my sweet peas and beans. If you’re thinking that I need to get out more, then you’re probably right, but in my defence I’m new to this gardening lark and am still officially in the ‘honeymoon period’.

Anyway, these have duly been assembled into a selection of wigwams which look lovely and will give some much needed height to our new kitchen garden. What’s more, during my research into suppliers, I discovered that I have also done my bit towards helping sustain native woodland and wildlife, as well as supporting a local craftsman. All good stuff.

I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for such things as it turns out that National Beanpole Week is running from 21st – 29th April this year and aims to encourage more gardeners to make the switch from imported bamboo canes to locally-grown coppiced products.

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