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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

I can’t believe we are nearly at the end of 2015: the year has flown by as, alongside what passes for normal family life around here, we’ve also been busy with some major works on our garden which I’m hoping to … Continue reading

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I was going to write this post last week but simply ran out of time: it was going to be about our trip to Paris only three weeks ago, when we showed our children the delights of this beautiful city and reminisced about … Continue reading

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In Praise of Dog Walks

Since getting our puppy in June we have thoroughly enjoyed (almost!) every phase that she has gone through: the sleepy cuddles of the early days were a fleeting joy, puppy socialisation classes were hugely entertaining and now we are venturing … Continue reading

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Our New(ish) Garage

It dawned on me recently that, after mentioning we were about to commence work on rebuilding the garage last year, I then spectacularly failed to share any photos with you of the end result. I’ll let the pictures speak for … Continue reading

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Shortlist #12: Jugs

As I recently mentioned, one of my favourite pastimes during the summer months is picking a bunch of flowers for the house from the garden. With the exception of the sweet peas, which I tend to arrange as they are, … Continue reading

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This Year’s Veg

A little while ago, Marshalls very kindly offered to send me some of their new vegetable seed varieties to try out in the garden this year; I confess to leaping at the chance as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get out of a seed-buying … Continue reading

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Cut Flowers

The flower beds in the vegetable garden are looking great right now; they are full of colour and there are plenty of blooms for both the bees to savour and for us to enjoy indoors. We haven’t managed to do much sowing of annual flowers … Continue reading

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An Unplanned Hiatus

I honestly can’t believe that it has been quite so long since my last post. I’m not sure how I managed to drop the blogging ball quite so spectacularly but somehow I did. I blame myriad projects around the house and garden … Continue reading

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We followed the cutest little boy into school the other day. Trailing a short distance behind his Mum and brothers, he was walking very slowly as he concentrated hard on carrying a tiny vase filled with snowdrops: a gift for his … Continue reading

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Before & After: Master Bedroom

Better late than never, but I’m finally here with pictures of our master bedroom makeover, now that all those little paint jobs that I kept meaning to do – but never quite got around to doing – are complete. This was … Continue reading

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