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Half Term Hiatus

It’s half term for my kids this week, which means my posts may be a little thin on the ground. If you’re in the same boat, here are some links to a few craft ideas I’ve found that may help … Continue reading

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Farrow & Ball – Pattern & Colour Talk

I spent a very enjoyable evening at the Guildford branch of Farrow & Ball earlier this week, where I attended a talk on ‘Pattern & Colour in the Home’, given by the company’s International Colour Consultant, Joa Studholme. Joa was a thoroughly engaging … Continue reading

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My Cook Book Collection

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a photograph of bookshelves in an interiors magazine, I can’t help but scrutinise the picture to see what they have. I’ve even been known to go out and buy books after … Continue reading

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Shortlist # 9 – Jewel Shades

Jewel shades and the darker days are a perfect match for each other. From the warmth of rich terracottas and berry shades to the cooler elegance of peacock blues and greens, there is a hue to lift everyone’s spirits. They … Continue reading

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Deutzia Cottage

The weather is seriously vile here today; I’m not convinced I’ve even seen daylight as it’s been so rainy and grey. In an ideal world I would be cosying up somewhere like Deutzia Cottage in Dorset for a weekend of leisurely mornings, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Salt Sugar Smoke

A few weeks ago I was thrilled to receive a copy of Diana Henry’s new book Salt Sugar Smoke from her publisher. This comprehensive guide to preserving fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, combines Diana’s charming narrative style with an exciting range of … Continue reading

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A Vintage Garden

Whilst hunting for galvanised dolly tubs to plant my tulip bulbs in for next year, I came across Mabel & Rose, a gorgeous online shop dedicated to vintage garden accessories. I really love the idea of having some aged tools and … Continue reading

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Crumble Weather

It’s feeling properly autumnal today; there’s a slight nip in the air, the leaves are whirling around in the wind and the trees are beginning to bare their branches again. In pudding terms, that means one thing: Crumble. I usually … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Makeover

I’ve finally made a start on our tactical kitchen makeover today. I call it ‘tactical’ because, in time, we hope to reconfigure the layout of that part of the house which will involve replacing pretty much everything, so this is … Continue reading

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Stuffed Marrows

Strictly speaking, I’m not sure that these are actually marrows. They’ve left their youthful courgette days behind them, but are not yet as unwieldy as the beasts that are still growing outside. Whatever they are (answers on a postcard as … Continue reading

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