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Sweet Peas

Gardening always strikes me as a pursuit that stands with one foot in the moment and another firmly in the future. Whilst The Chelsea Flower Show was way back in May, even then my Mum and I had next summer in mind … Continue reading

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The Kitchen Borders

So…. after the mother of all hiatuses, I’m back! 2016 has been full of distractions which have been both exciting and exhausting for us, but have also meant that certain things have had to give: the blog being one of them. Against a … Continue reading

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A Garden Redesigned

When we moved here, nearly five years ago now, the garden was a somewhat daunting space: after years of semi-neglect, thickets of brambles and nettles rendered large areas inaccessible, vastly overgrown Leylandii cast long shadows over the main lawn and a crumbling, uneven crazy-paved terrace … Continue reading

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Shortlist #12: Jugs

As I recently mentioned, one of my favourite pastimes during the summer months is picking a bunch of flowers for the house from the garden. With the exception of the sweet peas, which I tend to arrange as they are, … Continue reading

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This Year’s Veg

A little while ago, Marshalls very kindly offered to send me some of their new vegetable seed varieties to try out in the garden this year; I confess to leaping at the chance as it seemed like a perfect opportunity to get out of a seed-buying … Continue reading

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Cut Flowers

The flower beds in the vegetable garden are looking great right now; they are full of colour and there are plenty of blooms for both the bees to savour and for us to enjoy indoors. We haven’t managed to do much sowing of annual flowers … Continue reading

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We followed the cutest little boy into school the other day. Trailing a short distance behind his Mum and brothers, he was walking very slowly as he concentrated hard on carrying a tiny vase filled with snowdrops: a gift for his … Continue reading

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New Flower Bed: Update

It is hard to believe that it was way back in March when I wrote about planning two new flowers beds in the vegetable garden. I had to put the hours in digging over the beds and making preparations for the new additions … Continue reading

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Peas from the garden

This year is the first time we’ve grown peas from seed and they’ve been a resounding success. Picking them has become a daily ritual in the last week or so and is especially enjoyable in the early evening when the … Continue reading

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Part 2

Slightly later than planned, but I’m back with Part 2 of my post about The Chelsea Flower Show: this time with my highlights from inside the Grand Pavilion. With a vague threat of rain on the day, a lot of … Continue reading

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