Broad Beans

Broad Beans by The Cupboard blog

I’m growing two varieties of broad beans this year; ‘Aquadulce Claudia’, which I sowed under cover in the early spring and are now ready to pick, and the smaller, sweeter ‘Stereo’ which were planted direct and can be eaten whole like mange tout.

Broad Beans Collage

As far as I’m concerned, any food with a short season provides a perfect excuse to indulge, and then indulge some more. Whilst I love broad beans when mashed and spread on crostini, or added to a creamy risotto, I generally like to keep things simple; the beans I picked just now will be gently cooked before being adorned with some good olive oil, chopped mint and a salty cheese like parmesan or feta.

What’s your favourite seasonal treat?

Images (bottom picture): Rhubarb & SamphireStijn Nieuwendijk via Flickr, Amazing Almonds, Stijn Nieuwendijk via Flickr

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  1. Helen says:

    Hi Sian, I couldn’t agree more about indulging in whatever’s in season – and then having to wait til the following year to do it all again! We’re enjoying gooseberries and elderflowers at the moment and are eagerly awaiting the broad beans at our local PYO farm. Enjoy yours! Helen

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