A Turf Seat


Isn’t this the most delightful garden seat? Made of turf and woven hazel, it looks like the perfect spot to spend a summer’s afternoon with a good book and a glass of something cool and refreshing close to hand.

I’d really love to make something similar in our garden; we have the perfect tree just outside our kitchen where I’ve planted some foxgloves in anticipation of the seat being built around them one day (a girl can dream!).

The ‘How to…’ instructions can be found on House to Home; amazingly they don’t sound too complicated nor do they require huge amounts of materials. The only potentially tricky item would be the hazel poles, although the Allotment Forestry website would be a good place to look for those.

I guess my only question would be how to keep the grass trimmed so neatly; do miniature mowers exist I wonder?

Image: Nicola Stocken Tomkins via House to Home

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7 Responses to A Turf Seat

  1. I love this – I have real thing for seats that wrap around trees for some reason. They make me think of fairies and kisses!

  2. Oooh beautiful. My boys wouldn’t be able to resist leaning back and squishing those lovely foxgloves though – I will dream too though!

  3. marilynlittle26 says:

    ‘Clip whilst you sip’ . Job would soon be done and you’ll get to admire those divine foxgloves at the same time.

  4. Helen says:

    Such a lovely idea. Good luck making yours! Helen

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