Easter Baking

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I first made this Apple & Ginger Simnel Cake a couple of years ago for friends and it went down really well, which was all the excuse I needed to make it again, this time to share with my family.

It’s really easy and makes a nice change from the traditional version which uses dried fruit. In fact, if you were to omit the marzipan, it would make for a great tea-time treat whenever it took your fancy, which could easily become quite often.

You can find the recipe here on the Waitrose website. So you know, I tend to reduce the amount of crystallised ginger used to about 150g as this feels like plenty to me.

Oh, and a word to the wise; watch the cake like a hawk whilst it’s under the grill as mine is a little toastier looking than I’d have liked (that will teach me to multi-task).

Happy Easter everyone!



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  1. BettyM says:

    Delicious cake – thanks for the recipe! Actually it is divine! Despite the marzipan, of which I am not a fan… You were right about watching it like a hawk, it suddenly toasts doesn’t it. How deep was the tin you used? Mine was only just over an inch I think and the mix reached the top, fortunately I was generous (inaccurate) with my baking paper lining and that contained the cake as it rose and rose. Time for another slice…

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