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This weather has just got to stop. I normally have quite a high tolerance for the cold and grey as I like the excuse to make the house all cosy. However, even I am starting to feel a little despondent about whether spring will ever show its face, and frustrated that I’ve done so little in the garden for sooo long.

If there is an upside to all this sub-zero-ness, it’s the fact we all have a little more time to make plans for what we might plant this year. One thing I’m very keen to do is make sure we’re as bee-friendly as we can be around here. It’s no-brainer really as their numbers are in dramatic decline due to chemical use, disease and loss of habitat. Given they pollinate a third of the food that we eat, that’s quite a scary prospect.

This print from Bold & Noble is a brilliant place to start the planning. Not only would it look gorgeous on the wall, but it also provides a fantastic guide to pollen and nectar-rich plants that will attract bees throughout the year; an excellent place to start if you want to do your bit to help.

For more information about getting involved in saving our bees, check out these sites:

Image: Bold & Noble

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3 Responses to Bee Friendly Flowers

  1. Helen says:

    Quite right, that’s enough of winter! I can’t wait to be surrounded by the buzz of bees again and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of our friendly solitary bees (andrena carantonica) that usually start to appear around now. Making our gardens as bee friendly as possible is a great way to help. Helenx

    • Sian says:

      I hope your bees make an appearance soon! I’ve just sown some more salvia as the bees went nuts for it last year and it flowered for ages – a win-win situation! x

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