Apologies for the lack of posts in the last week, I’ve just returned from a trip to the island of Skopelos in Greece with my husband and kids, which was total bliss.

Ticking all the boxes for us in terms of the perfect Greek island, we spent our days on gorgeous beaches and by the pool, whilst most evenings were spent in Skopelos Town, discovering the local tavernas. The best seem to be located away from the waterfront and up the narrow side streets; our two favourites were Rodi and Anna’s, where we dined beneath pomegranate and almond trees in courtyards that were almost hidden from view behind their ornate gateways.

A highlight was our day spent driving to the northern tip of the island through pine-clad forests and along precipitous coastal roads in search of the remote beach of Perivoli. We were not disappointed when we arrived as we only had to share it with a smattering of other people and the water was crystal clear and perfect for snorkelling.

En route we visited the chapel of Agios Ioannis (St. John) which was used for the wedding scenes in the movie Mamma Mia! I’m not sure if fans of the movie are disappointed when they see it for real, as only some exterior shots were filmed there (with the chapel interior being shot at Pinewood studios), but I thought it was worth the detour. The dramatic setting of this tiny monastery set atop a rocky promontory, which is actually best viewed from the approach road as opposed to up close, is quite stunning.

It wasn’t nearly as touristy as I’d anticipated either, although there was a tour boat departing just as we arrived, thankfully taking their booming ABBA soundtrack with them.

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