Katrin Moye – Ceramic Artist

One of my dreams for when we come to redesign our kitchen is to have somewhere to display my modest collection of ceramics; I’d love to be able to admire the pieces that I own, even when they’re not in use. Having just purchased one of Katrin Moye’s jugs for a friend’s 40th birthday, guiltily coveting it in the process, I am going to have to add a piece to my wishlist at some point.

Katrin’s work features striking stylised motifs inspired by patterns found in nature, and the colours used closely reflect this. Earlier designs were influenced by Scandinavian and Eastern European folk art and the fabrics of Lucienne Day; however as Katrin’s style has continued to evolve, she has drawn on the work of mid-century ceramics manufacturers and English printmakers from the 1940s onwards for inspiration.

Underpinning all of this are the nostalgic recollections of a 1970s childhood and the significance that certain everyday domestic items from this era took on. Katrin’s aim is for even the most collectable of her pieces to have a purpose and for these to become woven into other people’s memories of their home life in time.

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